I love keeping my home clean. But I like more when the kitchen is dust free. The hardwood floor vacuum that my mommy gave me as a present got damaged and cannot work as expected. I’m looking to get a new one, so I can keep my kitchen and the rest of my home dust and dander free. I know there are several ways you can use to clean your home but vacuuming is my best of them all. It helps to get a fast freshening up for my house.

While doing research, I realized that there are several things you need to consider before picking one. This may include things like the kind of hardwood in your home, the number of separate floors in your house, suction power, and the carpet. Do you have wood floor vacuum? If you don’t have one, join me as we look at some of them below.

1161 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum from Bissell

Bissel 1161 Hard Floor Canister

We all have our preferences. If you love a lightweight, upright, and small vacuum, 1161 hard floor canister vacuum is your number one choice. It comes with felt and rubber wheels that will not mark your floor as you do the vacuuming. The weight of this vacuum makes it useful for vacuuming delicate surfaces, low and high and it has powerful suction. The vacuum features digital sensitized controls that help you to lessen the suction for eggshell area rugs and others effortlessly.

The long telescopic baton for this vacuum helps you to clean areas like stairs and curtains from afar. Another exciting feature that I know you will like is the dirt tank that opens from the bottom making disposal simple. Its soft bristles help in loosening dirt that is collected by the powerful suction.

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  • It is lightweight making cleaning enjoyable as you do not feel the weight.
  • It does not mark the floor thanks to its on-marking rubber wheels
  • Offers extended reach with its long baton meaning you will quickly reach areas like stairs and curtain from afar.
  • Cleans the floor without causing damage to those delicate areas such as upholstery and therefore there is no need to worry as you can quickly reduce the suction
  • User-friendly
  • It is easy to store because of its size, and therefore it does not occupy a lot of space.
  • It is super quiet, and this means you can vacuum any time of the day.


  • I found out that the electrical cord is short and if your house is big, you will need to have power sockets everywhere to complete the cleaning.

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DuoClean Powered vacuum by SharkNinja

DuoClean by SharkNinja

If you want a vacuum with two brushes, you may want to consider this device from SharkNinja. It features a duoclean technology that includes soft brushroll for pulling in outsized particles and engaging the floor directly. The duoclean feature also consists of a bristle brush that assists in deep cleaning of carpets. This hard floor vacuum comes with LED lights that help to navigate under furniture and the dark corners and hence to help remove all the dirt and dust. The fingertip controls of this vacuum help you to switch from carpet to hard floor mode easily.


  • It is easy to use as compared to other vacuums
  • Offers deep cleaning of carpets
  • Allows you to easily clean around corners hence getting rid of the dust and dirt
  • It is portable as you can take it upstairs and anywhere in the house


I found out that SharkNinja’s NV803 duoclean powered vacuum does not have a way to manually adjust the head to be near or far away from the surface. But I found it to be one of the best for anyone wishing to deep clean carpets.

Bottom line

Choosing a hard floor vacuum doesn’t have to be time-consuming as before. My house has a carpet, and I keep pets. Having said this, you know what type of hard floor vacuum I’m going to buy. Besides choosing a device that will safely clean your house, it is necessary to consider quality. I believe you are not ready to return to the market soon. I’m not going to choose a vacuum cleaner because it is cheap but because it is designed for hardwood floor. You can also check bestpethairvacuum.reviews.