I know many people will not do the spring cleaning but I will. I’m planning to do it next week, so I can keep my house as clean as possible. If you are interested in giving your kitchen a spring cleaning, continue reading this post because I will share my best tips. Some places like the kitchen will require a deep cleaning. The list is long, but you can divide into it subsections that you can do on certain days. The tricky part is getting started.

Regardless of your cleaning method, follow these easy rules to keep yourself on track and reduce the cleaning time.

  • Begin your cleaning from the top downwards. It helps to avoid dust failing in the places you have cleaned.
  • Start with the dirtiest area
  • Work in a systematic style
  • Set a timer and devote some cleaning time. Do your cleaning quickly and avoid distractions
  • Remain the kitchen

Quick cleaning

First take away items that don’t fit the kitchen and put them in a basket so you can place them at the right place later. Any items on the counters, place them into cupboards. Remove all items from the shelves and put them in the dining area, if you intend to clean the entire kitchen, Keep in mind this only for looking for things that are out of place.  

Assemble cleaning stuff

In case you own a cleaning set, you have everything ready. Consider using green cleaners as much as you can. You can use a polishing cloth, microfiber cloths, and water or vinegar spray. Here are the supplies I use:

  • Multipurpose spray
  • Microfiber cleaning fabric and polishing cloth
  • Dusting mitt pads
  • Norwex micro pads
  • Toothbrush
  • Dish soap
  • Vacuum
  • Steam cleaner
  • Microfiber mop

Light Fixtures


Ceiling light

Clean all fixtures with vinegar spray and water and change all bulbs that require replacement

Cabinets Tops

If your cabinets have spaces at the top, they need cleaning. Take away all the items and use a handheld vacuum or duster to dry dust the cabinet tops. Spray using the multipurpose cleaner and clean. Put a wax paper down on the tops of the cabinets. Only change it when it requires wiping. Wipe all the objects and place them back

Still, on the top of cabinets, check the corners and across the ends of the ceiling and vacuum all the cobwebs.


Take down and clean all window treatment. Dust, spray and wipe all splatters that they may have.

Clean the windows. It can be good if you do it on sunny a day so you can see grime and streaks. You may use Norwex window fabric, water with some vinegar.

Open the windows and wipe the window tracks.

Floor Cleaning

Work from the top and clean all the cupboard knobs, backsplash, doors, walls, counters, switches, faucets and others. Use a multipurpose cleaner and microfiber fabric as well water to polish all shiny surfaces.

After you have cleaned the counters, wash all the items and place them on the shelves.


White sink

Wash the kitchen sink using water and vinegar and also a toothbrush to clean the drain. Also, use a toothbrush to access the corners of your square sink.


Take all the machines out and sweep or vacuum the areas behind them. Wash the fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposal as required. You may use a steam cleaner to clean the appliances.


  • Vacuum or sweep the floor
  • Mop or spot clean the floor as required
  • Shake out area rugs and was as required.

Now you have a nice clean floor and have completed your kitchen cleaning. Relax and enjoy your time.