Before the birth of our firstborn, our home was forever silent. He is now a grown-up, and the sound of silence still exists. But we know the solution. My husband and I have decided to get him the first guitar. We have thought about this. We believe he is of the right age and can handle the responsibility that will come from the care of this remarkable instrument, and starting music lessons. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know the right age for a child to start music lessons. However, after discussing it, we feel he is ready. Do you have a kid who loves playing guitar? Do you want to get him one of the best? Let’s check some of the best, their features as well as pros and cons.


BD-16 Dreadnaught

BD-16 Dreadnaught

If you want to get your son the best acoustic guitar, you may want to consider this one because it features a spruce top that has scalloped braces that offer a full range and bright sound. The slender mahogany neck provides smooth action, fast, and innately long-term stability. This ensures your child continues to enjoy the instrument without issues. Another feature you will love about this device and perhaps get it for your child, it is the rosewood fingerboard that makes sure there is fine and smooth playability. The guitar comes with chrome plated cast heads that are precise and smooth hence helping to keep you in tune. This is one guitar that is designed to meet the needs of any beginner while keeping you up with everything.


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This guitar is lightweight, and it will not feel heavy when playing it.

Offers fast action and natural stability

Offers smooth and fine playability

It is easy to learn and thus perfect for beginners

Durable and this is a sign you will use it for a long time without getting damaged



While I couldn’t find the negative side of this guitar, I realized it is expensive. If you are going to get it for your child or personal use, you need to dig deep into your pocket.


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Yamaha’s FG830 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha’s FG830

Yamaha is a famous manufacturer, and I know you would love to get an instrument from Yamaha. This acoustic guitar from Yamaha features rosewood sides and back. This ensures that this FG830 guitar provides you with powerful warmth and tone. The satin-finished thin neck that has round fret ends offers Yamaha’s FG830 fine playability. Another thing you will find useful is the adjustable truss rod of this guitar that helps you to control to control the neck shape for several gauge strings.



Provides a warm tone

It produces exceptional sound quality that you will like

It has a durable top board thanks to the braces.

It is easy to play the reason why it is excellent for beginners.

Allows you to have high-end tone balance as you play

It has an excellent and appealing design

It is durable making it ideal for purchase



It doesn’t come with a case. This can make storage difficult and expose it to damage when it is not in use.


You might have problems with the strings, but this does make this guitar the worst. You can quickly address the issue.




There is nothing as comforting as getting your child one of the things he loves. If your child enjoys singing or playing guitar, enrolling him in a music class is the best thing to do. Getting him one these best acoustic guitars will take away that sound of silence in your home forever.


Among the things I realized, a good guitar should have include, a durable top board, a body shape that is ideal for your needs, as well as the tonewood. And of course, it should be easy to play. I know my child hates using devices that are complicated. I know the guitar I will buy for him. I understand the cost of the instrument can be an issue when getting one from the market. But it pays to purchase an expensive one that will give you value for your money. If you did not get what you want, you might get more information here.